Forty Life card image
Forty Life

An open-source Magic: The Gathering collection tracker that is geared towards those who enjoy the Commander/EDH format. With direct links to the ScryFall and TCGPlayer APIs, this application aims to make tracking and updating your collection a breeze with all of the latest data from trusted sources. This application is NOT affiliated with Wizards of the Coast. They reserve all rights. Beta.

Tabletop Game Tracker card image
Tabletop Game Tracker

An application that helps game masters track their tabletop games, as the name suggests. It is a game-system agnostic application so that it can be used to track any game imaginable, regardless of the system it is played in. Publicly display all of the latest details from your campaigns and keep your players up to date as events unfold in your games.

Map Editor card image
Map Editor

A free 2D tile based map editor developed for use on Studio TM14 games. It is the tool that is used to create the game worlds for games like PokeStory, Colors of Mana, and Project Macaroon.

TM14.Networking card image

An open source networking library that aims to help developers rapidly implement TCP communication features in their applications. The library includes data packet features to assist in the structured exchange of data. In addition, a packet buffer ensures data is exchanged reliably, and packets are secured by encryption to enable data to be exchanged securely.