PokeStory card image

An online Pokemon game where you can capture, trade, and battle Pokemon in real time with other players. Explore a unique world rife with political intrigue and take a stand for the Empire or for the Guilds. This game is NOT affiliated with Nintendo, Game Freak, or Creatures. They reserve all rights. Beta.

Project Macaroon card image
Project Macaroon

An unnamed project (code named Project Macaroon) that aims to provide players a large world to explore, loot, and conquer. A skills based leveling system implores players to pursuit different character builds. An open-world PvP system will introduce interesting play mechanics as events in the game world unfold. Pre-beta.

Colors of Mana card image
Colors of Mana

An Magic: The Gathering based Real-Time Strategy game with online matchmaking capabilities. Collect cards, build decks, and turn those decks into armies and enchantments on the battlefield against a computer or other players. Show your foes your brilliance in warfare and strategy! This game is NOT affiliated with Wizards of the Coast. They reserve all rights. Pre-beta.

Project Roma card image
Project Roma

A experimental project combining portions of a Western RPG with elements of a Japanese RPG, thrown Online for cooperative, competitive, and other, social features. This ambitious project will put players in the shoes of the Chief Security Agent to a prominent Roman Senator, exploring all of the mysteries, intrigue, and politics the Ancient World has to offer. Assembly your Adventuring Party, and set out on a unique journey across a fictionalized and magic-infused Roman Republic.