• My name is Matt Nwachukwu. I am a microcomputer fanatic. Designing programs for microcomputers is my number one passion. I am currently toiling away at the university studying Computer Science and eventually, I hope to enter a Software Engineering graduate program. I have been developing software since 2003 and I currently have multiple software projects I develop for in my free time as a hobby. PokeStory is my magnum opus. However, all of my projects receive a special level of love, care, and detail in their own individual ways. Studio TM14 is a garage software development studio I founded whose top interest is delivering exciting electronic entertainment to satisfy consumers from around the globe. We focus mainly on developing games, but we can be contracted to do any project - big or small. We promise to deliver quality in every line of code written. Give us a chance to impress you.


Studio TM14 offers affordable managed website hosting for small businesses that want to put their business online.


Come and enjoy our world of Pokemon! There are many adventures to be had in this unique and wonderful world!

Sol Harvest

Come and enjoy a fantastic massively multiplayer online world inspired by Harvest Moon!


View all of our ongoing projects. Studio TM14 keeps very busy changing the way people think about software.

  • We write code. We develop simple and complex software solutions to deliver outstanding results. We wield some of the most cutting-edge tools to create some of the most advanced software imaginable.