My name is Matt Nwachukwu. I am from Marietta, Georgia. I am a computer science major with a strong passion for microcomputer programming and RPG gaming. I currently attend some university in Kennesaw (though the campus I frequent is in Marietta)

I am 25 years old. I am engaged. I spend too much of my free time playing Magic: The Gathering. I am a rules adviser and the only format I play is Commander, though I am playing around with an idea for a Legacy deck. I manage a vape shop somewhere in Kennesaw, GA.

The best RPG in existence, in my honest opinion, is the Tales series as a collective whole. I love everything about those games, from character development to freedom of choice and even alternate scenes based on previously made choices. This is easily my favorite RPG, or even game series. My favorite one out of the series..? It's Tales of Phantasia! Favorite caster? Tie between Genis Sage and Rita Mordio. Favorite Female? Forever Sheena Fujibiyashi. Favorite Male? Klarth F. Lester. My dream project is a game that replicates the very essence of a Tales game in an open-world MMO that would be a spiritual nod to Bandai-Namco's long lost Tales MMO project. After hearing about its failure, it became my dream to develop something in its likeness while keeping true to the mothership games as closely as possible. ARPGs (Action Role Playing Game) are fun! :) MMOARPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Action Role Playing Game) are something I'm trying to make mainstream!

Okay, now for my professional skills. You might call me a freelancer.

I am fluent in C#, Java, and Visual Basic. I have experience in C++. I have been writing code for 14 years, object oriented for 9. I have experience with writing back-end (server) systems, and as a result, I am very experienced with MySQL and the SQL language structure. I also have experience with networking coding, as I've written many client-server programs. I can employ an encrypted packet system with ease.

I dabble with HTML, php, and CSS. I mostly use a CMS to build websites, but can apply these scripting and markup languages to make those minute changes the CMS can't do for me. I have experience in Joomla, phpbb, and other such content management systems.

I have extensive experience with Microsoft Windows (most of my computing and all of my development has happened on Windows) and it's Office Suite. I also have experience in using Linux. I've had the best luck with the Debian distribution and I employ Linux in various server applications and solutions.

I started my journey young.

One day in 2002, my mother thought it would please my grandmother if I wrote her an email. I remember being maybe 11 or 12. She booted up the old computer, hooked it up to its dial-up (yes, we were late to the DSL game), and took me straight to a webpage where I ended up creating my first email account. She encouraged me to use the computer to write emails to all of my relatives. Little did she know that I would quickly pick up computer gaming and eventually, grew curious about making computer games.I eventually dawned on a saddening but exciting reality. I couldn't just draw up shaky sketches, scan them in, and hope my entire vision for a game would unfold. I learned of the concept of computer programming and decided that I would learn a programming language. Remember, I was only about 11 or 12 at the time! I stumbled onto an incredible Visual Basic based engine that had recently gone open source and started up my adventure from there! I dismantled and broke that engine more than I ever got it working at first. Eventually, I was actually building upon the software and even implementing my own improvements on the base engine! A year later, this led to the birth of a Pokemon based MMO I named Pokemon: Den of Ages. I enjoyed 8 years of moderate success. However, Visual Basic got too old. Microsoft had moved onto the .NET Platform and development on PDoA eventually burned out as I sought to implement .NET solutions. I had to learn a new language, and instead of porting to Visual Basic.NET, I decided to use C# (at this point, I was in the university and had been extensively trained on Java formally). Building a new engine from the ground up isn't easy, but it is endlessly fun and it surely pays off in experience value. I sought to revive PDoA as PokeStory featuring my new engine written from scratch.

As it stands, PokeStory is my current project, though I wish to bring Sol Harvest back from the dead on this new engine. I'd also like to make my Tales RPG my number one focus once PokeStory is a complete game. I am really excited to develop a Tales-like battle system while keeping the open world dynamic alive. Transitional battle screens are obsolete! (Thanks, Tales of Zestiria, for this design space - such a good idea!)

I am very open to taking on private development contracts. I have extensive skills as you have seen from the content on this website. I prefer to develop in C# or Java and can do those best.

This website houses all of my projects. It serves as my online portfolio of all of my works.

Interested in contacting me? I love email. Email is my preferred method of communication.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I get emails on my phone, so have at it!